Results of the annual open call for artists of the Big gallery KC Grad

The Big Gallery of KC Grad forms it annual exhibiting programme via open call for artists, like in previous years. The jury of the gallery consisting of Ljudmila Stratimirović (SRB), Monika Lang (SRB), Davor Bruketa (CRO), Imelda Ramović (BiH) and Aleksandar Stojanović (SRB) was choosing the projects with the criteria similar to previous year: contemporarity of the project, with regards for all the different media, and with special regard for young artists. Like every year, the jury is aiming to give an oportunity to young artist to show their work for the first time in front of Belgrade audience, that being a sort of speciality of the Big Gallery.

Every year a number of foreing artist apply their projects for the open call as well. Same criteria is applied.

A varied and rich exhibiting season is upon with projects involving photography, installation and video installation, drawings, paintings and even embroidery and applied art.

The jury has selected the following artists for 2017:

1. Nataša Kokić
2. Jelena Jelača
3. Daliborka Đurić
4. Maja Gecić
5. Goran Marjanović
6. Nenad Stojaković
7. Sonja Lundin
8. Aleksandra Dević
9. Burcin Pervin
10. Bernard Hertzenauer
11. Nora Adwin and Athanasia Panagea