PROGRAM :: Exhibitions
  Monday, 27/03/2017, 20 : 00 - 09/04/2017
Big names of grafic design - Indipendent publications - Saveta and Slobodan Mašić

Graphic design is one of the most important and influential field of design. The rapid technological development, frequent changes in trends, media appearances, and after all a huge production make it very difficult to historicize. Especially in surroundings, such as ours, which doesn’t tend to systematically and timely collect artifacts and to analyze them and present. 

Artistic director of Cultural Centre Grad, Ljudmila Stratimirovic, invited one of the most active graphic designers, Borut Vild to collaborate on this great project –Great names of graphic design. The goal of this project is to archive all the materials related to work of great artists- graphic designers, whose work created the visual identity of many important publications and manifestations, and in that way influenced childhood and the youth of many generations.

One of the firs artists, graphic designers, whose works were presented in September 2015, in a Big gallery of Cultural Centre Grad were Slobodan and Saveta Masic, architects, designers and independent publishers from Belgrade. The exhibition included a part of their work, which relates mainly to the posters of the festival (Bitef, FEST), theater performances, exhibitions, etc.

Exhibition of independent publications of Slobodan and Saveta Masic will be open on March 29 till April 9, 2017 at Big gallery at Cultural Centre Grad. They were best known to the wider audience because of their many independent editions.
Apart from Independent editions, there will be displayed a digital albums, a literary magazines…
Slobodan and Saveta Masic started publishing activities have in 1996. By launching first Independed edition, called Desert. It was a collection of poems written by Marija Cudina, in very atypical format, with manually bented pages. It also contained the illustrations by well known artist Leonid Sejka. 
Slobodan and Saveta Masic financed all editions by themselves, and some of them have become very popular. Their publishing work lasted until 2012. In the Big galery of Cultural Centre Grad, we will be able to see almost all publications that have been released in several editions.  As following program there will be a discussion about role and importance of Masic's work as publishes. Moreover, Cultural Centre Grad will present its first printed publication in edition Big names of graphic design.