PROGRAM :: Exhibitions
  Monday, 13/03/2017, 20 : 00 - 26/03/2017
Goran Marjanović

On Monday 13 March at 8 pm Goran Marjanović will be opening his second solo exhibition titled Miniatures in Graphite, a very special and unusual collection of miniature sculptures. It will be his first solo show in Belgrade.

In 2005, entering into the world of miniature sculpture, Marjanović began working in wood and sail corks. Experimenting further with the materials, in 2012 he discovered graphite and started creating his first miniatures from the hearts of graphite pencils. Inspired by the Dalton Ghetti, an artist who is known for this technique, Marjanović showcases his latest miniature creations.

This miniature carvings and sculptures vary in size from just a few millimeters to few centimeters, but nevertheless display the author’s meticulous craftsmanship and attention to details. Designed so that when viewed magnified show the characteristics of monumental and medium format sculptures, while at the same time intrigue the observer to take a magnifying glass and start analyzing all the details. Mastering his expression in graphite, Marijanović’s work came upon the representatives of famous pencil manufacturer Staedtler resulting in a collaboration featuring the miniatures in brand’s campaign. This brought certain publicity for Marjanović.

Besides collaborations and solo shows he regularly exhibits at the International Miniature Art Festival in Majdanpek, Serbia, where he won the 2014 audience choice gold medal.

This specific exhibition will be opened until 26 March, and the opening hours of the gallery are from 2 to 8 pm..