PROGRAM :: Music program
  Tuesday, 28/03/2017, 21 : 00
Cleo T. (Pariz/Berlin)

French electro-pop diva Cleo T, famous by her seductive feminine voice and wonderful multidisciplinary performances, announced tour dates including upcoming show in Belgrade, shortly before releasing her second album „And then I saw a million skies ahead” (2017). Her debut album “Songs of Gold and Shadow”, published three years ago, was produced by John Parish, well-known by cooperation with PJ Harvey.
Cleo T. combines decadent cabaret, art pop and European folk music. People compare her with Kate Bush and Nina Simone, while Cleo T. says that her art is world music in it`s finest sense. She collaborates with musicians from all over the world and unites gospel, chansons, Balkan rhythms, acoustic music and electronics.
Show starts at 9 PM and the ticket price is 200 rsd.

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