PROGRAM :: Culinary program
  Monday, 19/06/2017, 19 : 00
Deli Monday - Baštalište

Let's foodize the city together!
How? – It is easy – just plant anything „eatable“ at any green surface in Belgrade.
But I don’t know anything about planting – Bastaliste, first community garden in Belgrade does and is eager to share.

Join us on June 19th when we will cook our first harvest of the year for you. Vegetables will be cracked a bit, but unsprayed and delicious. This is a great opportunity to meet and exchange ideas to make Belgrade “eatable”.

All the proceeds will be used to build our workshop space in Bastaliste so don’t foret to bring along at least one friend.

Bastaliste is a community of urban gardeners where we have set our community garden in 2013. It is located 10km from the city centre. Wider perspective of Bastaliste includes raising awareness of the expert, political and general public on the importance and benefits of community gardening, as well as the community garden promotion as a tool for ecological, social and economic city development.

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