PROGRAM :: Music program
  Friday, 23/06/2017, 20 : 00
HERSPECTIVE : Adélys (FR) + Nadja + Ana Avramov

Three singer-songwriters. Three artistic expressions. Three voices.

Three female singer-songwriters bring their creations to the venue's outdoor stage. Making the traditional genres (rock, chanson, jazz, pop) modern and giving them their own distinctive sound, Adélys, Nadja and Ana Avramov prove that the contemporary female voices don't lack the inspiration.

Adélys (FR)
A voice, a piano and a sampler. Adélys needs nothing more to describe small and simple pleasures of everyday life. With well-written lyrics and a charming stage presence, her subtle creations remind us of the famous French singer-songwriter Barbara.
She continues the tradition of French chanson, blending it with influences ranging from classical music to jazz. Although young, her biography is already rich : albums (Danse P'tite Fille, Le Sel, Tactile), European tours (Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic) and concerts in Paris where she opened for Jean-Louis Aubert, the frontman of the legendary French rock band Téléphone.

Nadja is an indie / art rock / singer-songwriter project created by Nađa Vračarić from Novi Sad. Her music is influenced by St. Vincent, Arcade Fire and The Beatles. From her emerging on the scene in 2013, she performed live more than 30 times, with a notable performance at the Exit Festival 2016. Last year, she published her debut demo EP ''Venus in Gemini'' that can be downloaded for free on her bandcamp page :

Ana Avramov
Ana Avramov is a Serbian singer-songwriter who formed her unique musical style after gaining the experience of playing in a number of alternative and indie bands and ensembles. Her music moves between the dreamy pop sound of the guitars and keyboards and the melancholic color of her contralto vocals. The solo project of Ana Avramov was inspired by the minimalistic arrangement of the songs and instrumentals and the deep expressiveness of her vocals.
Her work as a solo artist is closely connected with the indie-alternative band In Absentias where she is the lead guitar player and the vocalist. Band has published an EP Far Out in 2015 followed by an European tour with the Swiss singer-songwriter Cyrill Lim who was the producer of the EP as well. The band has played on a number of most important festivals in the region and is working on their second EP.