PROGRAM :: Literary program
  Friday, 21/07/2017, 19 : 00
Discovery and Identity of Latin America

Association of Hispanists, within the International Summer School of Latin American Studies, and the Institute of European Studies, organize promotion of the very first translation to Serbian of the book Discovery and Identity of Latin America by the Mexican author Leopoldo Zea (1912-2004). 

"This study can be useful as a start point for a reflection about our own worlds and ideologies of every reader separately. Thus, I consider this book very important read in Serbian language as well. Finally, the fact that the original version of the text was written in Ex-Ygoslavia (Cavtat, 1988) connects us additionally with the author and his interpretation of the universe, in spite of idealism and optimism for a better world that lies before us, and whose acomplishment we haven't experienced (yet)."
Prof. dr. Jelena Filipovic.

Horacio Cherutti-Guldberg (Mexico) - philosopher
Anđela Gašić (Serbia) - translation team coordinator
Jelena Filipović (Serbia) - book reviewer
Moderator: Jelena Spasojević - coordinator of the project Summer School