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  Monday, 02/10/2017, 20 : 00 - 15/10/2017
Nataša Kokić: Probability Distribution

As an award winner, Nataša Kokić need no particular introduction, with 18 solo shows and multiple group exhibitions behind her as well as two important awards, Vladimir Veličković award for drawing (2013) and Dimitrije Bašićević Mangelos award (2014).
Since she started exhibiting in 2006 Kokić was always expressing through drawings. But her concept to drawing has been very structural, where one larger monumental drawing contains of numerous smaller ones fitted like a puzzle.
Probability distribution is further examining this structuralist approach, as Kokić was initially inspired by antique philosophers. The title corresponds to probable positions of electrons within an atomic nucleus, as she states: “The works are analogies of modern person’s choices and prospects in contemporary society along with their aftermath. Every sub theme starts with one image that functions as a ‘seed’ which then develops into imaginary movements and repetitions. The ambiance they create should remind of possible antique temples.”
In order to furthermore intensify her structuralist concept, Kokić restrains from using any type of fixating agents on her drawings. By using organic materials only, charcoal and paper, she emphasizes the possibility of change. The drawings stay unstable and can be affected, can be a subject of probability distribution, representing those unstable electrons forming a visually stable representation, which is still susceptible to change and is not finite.
The exhibition will be opened until 15 October. Working hours of the gallery: every day 2 – 8 pm.