PROGRAM :: Exhibitions
  Monday, 16/10/2017, 20 : 00 - 29/10/2017
Maja Gecić i Aleksandra Antić - Fiber of Our Being

The project deals with Yugoslav industrial heritage, linking it with migration and personal histories. Both artists researched the disappearance of Belgrade textile factories, through different approach. The final result is a multimedia exhibit consisting of video, sculpture, print and installation art.
Starting from her mother’s personal experience, as a worker in Belgrade Cotton Factory, Antić is using a reconstruction method to research the relations between inner, psychological and outer, sociological model of life, in contexts of migration and assimilation. She will present an installation and a performance, referencing the concept of seriality of the factory production, through a philosophical assertion of repetition and in particular Deleuzean thread considering the act of creation as an act of resistance.
On the other hand, Gecić explores a different factory, Belgrade Wool Factory, from an anthropological angle, focusing on collective memory of retired workers by documenting their memories and mutual conversations. She was collecting genuine products of the factory to make interventions, thus trying to establish museological context by merging material and immaterial heritage.

Their intentions to research the relations between disappearing collective history and society structures along with current shifts of both individual and collective identity should impose questions about artistic practice and the role of the artist through contemporary issues of impermanence and materiality
Fiber of Our Being will be opened until 29 October.

The realization of the exhibition is supported by Helpmann Academy Foundation