PROGRAM :: Workshops
  Wednesday, 15/11/2017, 10 : 00
Art to All! Public model drawing class

Join us for the model drawing class!

In collaboration with Faculty of Applied Arts Belgrade, Design School Belgrade and Austrian Cultural Forum, KC Grad organizes first public drawing class, as a part of new artistic programme Art to All. If you would like attend drawing class together with art students, art professors and inspiring models, you can do so by sending an email to The results of the first drawing class will be presented in a pop up exhibition on the same day.
This time the class will be dedicated to the famous Austrian painter Egon Schiele, probably one of the most influential figurative painters of the turn of the century period. Schiele’s unique and noticeable style is all about expressive drawings, intense expressions of raw sexuality transcending the normative boundaries.

The first role of the art model is assigned to Maja Atanasijević – Zipa Yoma. She is undoubtedly going to be a strong inspiration.

The class, scheduled for 15 November, will start at 10 am until 4 pm in the Big Gallery. Interested candidates should apply via email to It is required that the candidates bring drawing equipment, paper and stand. The fee for attending the class is symbolic, 200 RSD.

The pop-up exhibition presenting the results will be opened at 7 pm.
And for the end we pay homage to Egon Schiele by a projection of an Austrian film Death and the Maiden about the artist at 8 pm. The entrance to the projection is free of charge.