PROGRAM :: Music program
  Saturday, 25/11/2017, 23 : 00 - 26/11/2017
Superpitcher | Hippie Dance > KC GRAD

KC GRAD is one of the rare venues in Belgrade in which we have had the joy of listening to some of the world’s most famous performers such as Caribou, Damian Lazarus, Sascha Funke, DJ Krush, Acid Pauli, Matias Aguayo, Rebolledo, Jessica 6, Jennifer Cardini, Legowelt, Lydmor & Bon Homme, Glass Candy and many others. Their sets in this intimate atmosphere are always more special than those in front of thousands of people.

SUPERPITCHER is the next star on this golden list. He is the representative of KOMPAKT and Hippie Dance label, famous for his projects such as Pachanga Boys and Supermayer. Superpitcher is also one of the residents and headliner of the world’s most famous festivals and clubs amongst which is Burning Man. This is his first solo act in Belgrade and we will be enjoying his three hours’ set.

Especially for this occasion KC GRAD will upgrade the sound and you can expect a special visual experience.

Local support by: Señor Ewoxiño

Limited early bird pre/sale ticket price: 700 RSD
Next pre/sale ticket price: 900 RSD

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