PROGRAM :: Music program
  Monday, 01/01/2018, 22 : 00 - 02/01/2018
VIS Limunada and Šlageri Beograd – post NY detox / relax

VIS Limunada nourishes the music inspired by the universal values of pop culture from the 50's and 60's, with the special focus on the special tunes of Yugoslav culture from that period. The genre range of VIS Limunada circles around cosmopolitan youth culture depicted in the music of šlagers, rock'n' roll, beat and soul, depicted in the movies such as La Dolce Vita (Italia, 1960) and Ljubav i Moda (Yugoslavia, 1961).

Looking up to the famous festival of Sarajevo Television, Beogradski šlageri are choosing the best šlager of the season for the second year in a row. While playing with the very notion of šlager. we made a list of hits released in 2017 that fit our idea od cool, sentimental, girly and funny dancing music. Bob Dylan, Curtis Harding, Psi are just some of the names on the list. 

During the festive days, you will be able to hear this list on RadioAparat, whereas after the NY euphoria you can come to CC Grad so to repeat the knowledge of the šlager season which is behind us. 

Long live the šlager!