PROGRAM :: Film program
  Wednesday, 14/02/2018, 20 : 00
Zeichnen bis zur Raserei (Drawing until madness), a documentary about life and work of the painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Kirchner was one of the founders of Die Brücke, German art group, and was one of the most significant expressionist pioneers.
A fascinating cinematic portrait about life and work of an exceptional artist. A film that shows us the person behind the artistic genius, and his mental struggles. Many of Kirchner’s paintings depict street scenery, and are deeply rooted in reality and everyday life. His own life on the other hand was a dramatic reaction to contemporary political events in Germany. As a volunteer in World War II Kirchner gets discharged, after suffering a mental breakdown. He moves to Berlin, a city that inspired his street scenery paintings, and after the rise of Nazism Kirchner relocates to Davos, Switzerland.
In 1933. he was one of many artists whose work was labeled degenerative by the Nazi ideology, and by 1937 more than 600 works by Kirchner were sold or destroyed.
This led to Kirchner’s suicide in 1938.

Screening of this film made possible by Goethe Institute in Belgrade. Subtitles by Vlada Milanović