PROGRAM :: Exhibitions
  Monday, 05/03/2018, 20 : 00 - 17/03/2018
Izabela Mašić: Infitialis

This year's annual exhibition programme will be opened with an exhibition titled Infitialis, by Izabela Mašić. As a young painter Mašić is the first to be presented within the programme, followed by several other young artists, whose projects will be shown for Belgrade audience throughout the year.
Izabela Mašić graduated painting from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad at the class of professor Bosiljka Zirojević Lečić. During her studies she started participating in local and international art projectssuch as Mural: Studio Vincent in Sombor, Mural: Sigurna kuća (Social center for children care) in Novi Sad. She has also attended Summer Art Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg Austria, and participated in a seminar titled Danube connects us, held in Stuttgart and Strasbourg.
Mašić is debuting with a solo show Infitialis, a series of large format paintings based on psychological and syntax research. The basis of her research are the negative experiences, emotions and states and human urge to cancel the negative and only embrace the positive events and aspects of life. After researching the matter Mašić has concluded that by repressing the negative, the positive loses its effect, diminishes and starts being taken for granted. This is neither beneficial nor a healthy result. This is why Infitialis as a painting series is based on the balance between the positive and negative, the balance that should be adopted in life experience. Translating this idea to her painting Mašić had been experimenting a lot, and had come up with a visual idea based on the homonymus meanings of the word negative. This led to a very interesting symbolic connection between negative emotions and photographic negative which Mašić recreates in the paintings. Using the negative color range of blues and black shades, melancholy and negative emotions are represented in a very effective way. The subject of all the paintings is a human figure ranging from very intricate self overlapping composition, to a clean representation, thus illustrating the effect of adopting the positive-negative balance in life.

Infitialis will be opened on Monday 5 March at 8 pm. Gallery opening hours every day 2 pm until 8pm. Exhibition closes on Saturday 17 March.