PROGRAM :: Exhibitions
  Thursday, 19/04/2018, 20 : 00 - 31/03/2018
Rade Tepavčević - Tattoo

Painting series Tattoo deals with animal treatment in contemporary society, but underneath the representational, Tepavčević is actually criticizing aggressive advertising mechanisms. A person burdened by advertising is constantly shopping, because he constantly needs the newest thing in order to make life better. The line has been crossed and life became a big shopping spree. Tepavčević uses animals, mainly dogs as symbols in order to strip down those advertising mechanisms, and doing so he is exploring the subject of animal welfare, but a dog can easily be substituted with a person, trained as an animal by advertising agencies.
By using punk aesthetics, along with unusual materials Tepavčević manages to highlight his criticism toward society even further, suggesting that advertising is making a permanent impact towards society in a way like a tattoo. As a possible solution these painting should serve as a wake up call for rethinking our habits and actions.
The exhibition is opened until 31 March, every day from 2 till 8 pm.