PROGRAM :: Workshops
  Sunday, 01/04/2018, 15 : 00
Art to All! Public model drawing class 4

Our guest model Maja Atanasijević Zipa Yoma will transform herself into Adele Bloch – Bauer, the most important muse of Klimt.
The creator af Viennese Art Nouveau style needs no specific introduction. In 1897 he has left the Vienna Art Association, due to conservative views and classicism, and established his own art association called Wiener Secession. Thus a new style was born, widespread in art and architecture. The name Secession comes from Klimt’s urge to break up with the classical rules and order in art, valued the most by Viennese society. The flat and overtly decorative compositions of Klimt and other artist were not taken into consideration by the very same society in the first years after the break up with classicism, and were even viewed as kitch, due to abundance of gold used especially by Klimt. However the portrait of Adele Bloch – Bauer is still viewed as one of the remarkable paintings in modern art history, being a very complex Byzantine mosaic like composition. This style was developed to be modern, to break the rules, and Klimt was in fact inspired by Byzantine art, extracting the modern potential out of it.
After he finished the Beethoven frieze in the Secession temple, he was no longer receiving state commissions, since his wall paintings were seen as vulgar nude portraits. Nevertheless the progressive intellectuals of the time saw his modern approach and freshness, and started commissioning the famous portraits one of which is the above mentioned. Portraiting women only, along with stylized landscapes, Klimt’s body of work today stands as a modern bridge into the 20th century.

The drawing class will take place in the afternoon, starting at 3 pm. The applicants will be guided by Academy professors, and the pop up exhibition of drawing will be opened the same day right after the class, and will be combined with the documentary exhibition about Gustav Klimt. The audience will be able to see both exhibitions in the Big Gallery of KC Grad until 8 April.
During the exhibition a film about the life and work of Klimt (2006) will be shown in the gallery, 4 April at 8 pm, starring John Malkovich.

Tickets for the drawing class will be available starting 20 March in the Big Gallery everyday from 2 till 8 pm, at the price of 200 dinars. Two separate shifts will be available, from 3 to 5:15, and from 5:45 to 8 pm. Applicants should bring their own drawing supplies. Further information on