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  Thursday, 02/03/2017, 16 : 00
Learning language trough culture - Norwegian

Learning a foreign language is far more than learning how to read, write and listen. It is about understanding and communicating. Linguists and anthropologists set in past years new standards and showed that through the study of other languages, students gain a knowledge and understanding of the cultures that use that language.

This project aims to create the ideal environment establishing a Babel Tower where different languages emerge stimulating communicative competences. A communicative method with main emphasis on predetermined vocabulary and everyday themes lead to an exciting and fast immersion in the respective language. This represents also the opportunity to learn culture through the new language, understanding cultural codes, idiosyncrasies and discourses on the specific themes.

Four teachers and topics like Travel and Sleeping, Clubbing and Cafes, Galleries, Exhibitions and Museums, CityLife and Food, Dating and Music are enough good reason to believe that learning language and culture is something very unusual.

Join us for a cultural chat!

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