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  Saturday, 04/03/2017, 17 : 00 - 05/03/2017
Takeaway Fashion

On a spring edition of Takeaway Fashion that will be held on the 4th and 5th of March in KC Grad, from 17 to 22 o'clock, designers, artists and creatives have prepared their new collections which will make this year's first sunny days even more colourful!

Complement your spring look, with original footwear and clothing, modern rucksacks, authentic jewelry and sunglasses. With refined selection of music of Dj Olja and Dj Una we guarantee a great atmosphere and eagerly expecting your arrival!

Participants: Gita Šik, Craft eyewear, Exodus Cosmetics, Škrabac, Glory Box, Peackok bow ties, Odsustvo simetrije, Biljana Novogradić, Oblik Art, Dear Diary, Mamamaya, Blejboj, Akra, Niska design, Get rich studio, Lovčanik, Vedrana Petrovska, Sundry nakit, Stetch i wtfWOL, Hobby svaštaonica, Sovica handamde, La Mia Casa, Ira Bags, Copper age, Sara ra, Tikolo, Aneta Crnobrnja, Steampunk by Maja, Ljiki Šlus, Sanja Vuković, Vera Stanarčević, Margareta Mitić, Nakit by Vesna, Atelje Zmajolik, Jelena Rovčanin, Stana Miničić, Andrea Zidar, Kaledioskop Ceca, New weave, Weggy weggy, Something else, Dora Rakić, Gorget ekipa, Ugao, Kalasiris, Kerefeke Creative, Veseli gavran, Jadranka Milojković, Fish and Chips, Moda Maleš, Atelje Petlja, Marnia, Štep šnajderaj, Natali Art, Art plakar, Avangardni Sobičak, Danijela Babić Fashion

  Saturday, 04/03/2017, 23 : 00
Rainbow Party

Rainbow party Belgrade has prepared many novelties for you. New guests, new locations, but one thing will always remain the same: good old Rainbow party spirit which we all love so much!
This time, opening of the new season will be filled with symbolism of combining new and old, fresh and experienced. Party will be held on March 4th with the beginning at 23h, and the venue is, our well known and dear, KC Grad.
As we already mentioned, this Saturday behind the deck Vasso, Marija Nikolic a.k.a Casna sestra and Vanja Bursać will unite as representatives of different genres and they promise to shake up our world!
Vasso is fresh meat we haven’t had a chance to see performing at Rainbow parties, but there is no doubt this young artist and photographer can shake you up and make magic with music just for you!
Marija Nikolic a.k.a Casna Sestra is a multi-instrumentalist whose primary instrument are keyboards, as well as harmonics in Belgrade’s bands such as: About Lorna, Sana Garic (Xanax) and in Horkerstar. Since music is her great love and passion she is also into DJing. Casna sestra chooses electric dance hits no matter if they are currently popular of if they were popular in the 70s trough 90s, and be prepared for some of her musical surprises.
Our beloved Bursaceva, who is always wearing Bursace’s jewelry, has a sharp ear and she chooses her musical material carefully, and this Saturday she will be armed with serious and strong RnB material which will make you to always ask for more.