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  Monday, 06/03/2017, 19 : 00
Deli Monday - From molecule to taste

Student association for neurosciences, Serbian Society for Neuroscience is cooking for you once again!
Last time, in our neuroscience kitchen we prepared food for your brain, this year we are preparing something more spicy, accentuating the senses and perception – we are cooking food for stimulating your senses.
From molecule to taste - How, from various ingredients, through molecular and physiological processes and interactions, a signal comes to be a sensation. Our goal is to launch a storm of sensations with specially selected aromatic details and spices.
As previously, you will enjoy our cooking and have the opportunity to learn something new. Because of the great variety and authenticity of tastes and the "storm of sensations" element, for this occasion we have chosen Thai cuisine.
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  Monday, 06/03/2017, 19 : 00 - 07/03/2017

Iimmii is a unique collaborative project that connects students from around the world.

Name “iimmii” is abbreviation of Latin word immisceo, meaning to mix in, to mingle, to blend.

Every piece of art on this digital platform, and on the exhibition that will be presented, was created as a result of direct co-creation between two collaborators.

Iimmii was creatied with the aim to broaden our scope of artistic influence through co-creation. When we mix styles, genres, artists, media or fields of art and design, which have traditionally remained in their own respective silos, then we allow for a truly unexpected outcome, allowing the artists to break past the limitations of their own individual imagination.

Furthermore we truly believe that working on a single piece of co-created art can connect people and transcend barriers of language, cultural, even economic backgrounds of students from around the world – in other words, bringing young people together in a world that seems to be more politically fragmented with every passing day feels like a good idea.

Project iimmii was created by Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and supported by Ministry of Culture and Media, Republic of Serbia.

To get the better idea of the functionalities of the platform please log on to iimmii.org