DAILY PROGRAM :: 07/03/2017 Click here for full program
  Tuesday, 07/03/2017, 18 : 00
Playing (with) culture? How culture, society and politics relate to each other in contemporary Serbia

How can we look at culture in contemporary Serbian society? Why and in what ways is culture a potent arena and mean for distinctions, social struggles and power claims? What role does cultural sector in Serbia aspires to play in modeling and influencing society? How could we interpret different kinds of relations between citizens, political elites and cultural actors through “cultural games”? And, how a particular geopolitical position of Serbia influences these cultural games, strategies and conflicts?

Creative Mentorship together with Cultural Centre „Grad” invites you to take part in the panel debate „Playing (with) culture?” and join our discussion on the position and role that culture plays in social transformations in contemporary Serbia. With this debate we aim to offer space for „playing” with the notion of culture in Serbian society from different disciplines, theoretical and social positions, as well as the space for interpretations of social and political „playing” with culture, in which culture can be a social space, a tool, an object or a subject of the play.

The debate is framed in two parts. In the first one, we will hear short lectures – critical positions on above mentioned issues - from two theoreticians, Ivana Spasić, sociologist and Branislav Dimitrijević, art historian and art theoretician. After this, in the second part, we will invite the audience to take an active part in discussing, posing questions and offering new interpretations.


Ivana Spasić is a professor at the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, where she teaches theoretical subjects. The focus of her research is the role of culture, discourse and collective memory in post-socialist social transformations, discursive production of nation, social movements and cultural aspects of urbanity.

Branislav Dimitrijević is a professor of art history and theory at the College for Visual and Applied Arts in Belgrade, and guest lecturer at several international artistic schools and universities. Through both curating and research he is interested in artistic practices of 20th century, with special focus on socialist Yugoslavia and South-Eastern Europe.

Moderator of the debate will be Višnja Kisić, art historian, master of cultural policy and management and PhD in museology and cultural heritage studies. Višnja is Education and development manager of „Creative Mentorship”.

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