DAILY PROGRAM :: 18/03/2017 Click here for full program
  Saturday, 18/03/2017, 21 : 00
Radost + Hotel Makedonija

Band Radost! (eng. Gaiety) is promoting its 4th album „U zoni“ (eng. In the zone) and celebrating its 10th birthday! Zagreb quartet has wandered through numerous styles and genres so the members don't know what are they playing anymore, but they are doing it with absolute self-confidence. Let your preparations for the springtime begin with surrealism, psychedelia, autistic improvisations in velvet arrangements and refined charm of social and economic despair.
Radost! will be joined by the brand-new attraction of the Belgrade underground, composed by the renowned artists of the Capital. Hotel Makedonija (eng. Macedonia) are the wraiths of 19th century taverns, infamous fusion, blasphemous allegiance, the pearl of the cycle-city melody built on the rhythms of the ancient Wallachian punk, midgets, mammoths and the vintage woman!


start at 21h / ticket 300 RSD