DAILY PROGRAM :: 20/03/2017 Click here for full program
  Monday, 20/03/2017, 19 : 00
Deli Monday - 42 Magazin

The 42magazin.rs story is very simple. We write about things we think about, we find people with whom we enjoy conversing, we photograph faces we wish to photograph, we choose clothes we feel good in, we watch and listen to art that inspires us, we decorate our space so we can enjoy it, we travel to places where our friends are at, and we eat with passion. Everything about us is in pictures and words in 42magazin.rs
And if the story about us is the same as the story about you, than we’ve managed to create a place where we can all gather around the same idea - which exactly is our motto.
We invite you to discover a whole new world with us, a beautiful world, full of creative people who have something to say without offending anyone, a world painted in beauty and fashion colors and positive vibrations, full of stories that will make one think.
If this story intrigues you, than you will join us on Monday, the 20th of March at Deli Monday in KC Grad, where the 42magazin.rs team will cook something delicious for you!
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