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  Wednesday, 22/03/2017, 19 : 00
Grad talks - Are the young people apolitical?

Why does significant percentage of young people refuse to vote? Which factors form attitudes towards politics amongst the youth? What kind of influence do public figures have on forming political opinions? How do young people get informed about political and social subjects? What are the causes and consequences of showing (dis)interest in politics?
Cultural Center GRAD is organizing a discussion with the title “Are the young apolitical?” It is the first and the opening one in the series of debates “Talks of the town” / “City talks” and it raises the question of young people in Serbia not being interested in politics. According to the research done by “The Young in Serbia”, the third of the examinees between 15 and 29 years old has no interest in political issues. We aim to find the reasons of this mistrust towards the politicians, which, according to the study “Serbia and Europe in the Eyes of the Young” (done by the students of the Faculty for Political Sciences and European Movement in Serbia), is evident amongst more than 70 percent of the young people.
Bojan Klačar, executive director of CeSID 
Stevan Vlajić, creator and spokesman of civic movement “Beli – Samo Jako”
dr Dragan Stanojević, sociologist
Lazara Marinković, journalist
Lea Kotlica, FEJS Srbija, ”Izađi i glasaj” initiative
Marko Šelić Marčelo, musician and writer

dr Maja Vukadinović, culturologist
Dina Čubrić, gender and literary theorist