DAILY PROGRAM :: 23/03/2017 Click here for full program
  Thursday, 23/03/2017, 20 : 00

WyrdSisters are back in your favorite KC Grad! An evening of classical drag entertainment prepared only for you by three Belgrade drag queens - Dekadenca, Dajana Ho and Valerie Candy. This time, you will be delighted by a tribute to Mamma Mia! The Movie musical and the music of the Swedish band ABBA.
Special guests of the evening are the first Croatian drag queen Galaxy Diva and the dark seductress from Subotica Dita von Bill.
Host of the evening - Markiza De Sada.
Before and after the main event you will be enjoying music by mandymendi. Starting at 9 PM. Entrance fee 300 RSD.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dekadenca | www.dekadenca.com
Dajana Ho | www.fb.com/princesadajanaho
Valerie Candy | www.instagram.com/valerie.candy
Markiza De Sada | www.fb.com/markizadesada Galaxy Diva | www.fb.com/GalakticnaZvezdana

We can present her as a walking parody. Powerful, juicy and fatal, with buttocks as brutal as her chest, look her the wrong way and you’ll wind up in a basket. Blonde upstairs - Black downstairs, take her by the side and you'll fly into the basket. Two baskets 2 tits, she’ll tell you, "I don’t give a fuck!" She is Galaxy, she is Diva, she is the lost Atlantis. Legs, heels, buttocks, neck, she looks like a "fairy fart." She twerks when someone walks up to her, she flirts when she comes to you, she is not invited, she just comes. Maybe tomorrow she will pass by your house.

Dita von Bill | www.fb.com/dita.von.bill
The dark seductress that freezes with her look and thus tames the naughty boys. She was created as a post effect of Madonna's Erotica era. Your daddy kept her awake last night. On the drag scene, she is better known as "The Concept Queen", due to the fact that her performances are interwoven with skillfully packed moments that indicate a hidden storyline. Other than that, she makes love to the audience by dancing and glitter. Proudly holds the title of mistress.
mandymendi |
Half redhead, half coconut. She would prefer to characterize her music with the last.fm tag:
"papazjanija/ electronic/ pop/ alternative/ rock/ hiphop/ dance/ soundtrack/ oldies/ indie/ rnb/ parlafon.g ramofon.jugoton.regeton"