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Modernist Belgrade Map

Modernist Belgrade Map  ( Modernistička Mapa Beograda)  by Blue Crow Media in collaboration with Ljubica Slavković.
The rising international appreciation of Modernist and Brutalist architecture is being celebrated with the publication today (5 June 2017) of the  Modernist Belgrade Map ( Modernistička Mapa Beograda ) by city guide publisher Blue Crow Media in collaboration with Ljubica Slavković, writer, critic and architect, with photographs by Relja Ivanić.
The bilingual guide features fifty of the most significant examples of Modernist and Brutalist architecture in Belgrade. Celebrated buildings such as the elegant Palace of Serbia by a team of architects led by Anton Urlih, the unique Museum of Aviation by Ivan St raus and the audacious Genex Tower by Mihajlo Mitrovic are included alongside less familiar structures such as Branislav Jovin’s Brutalist masterpiece, the Urban Planning Institute and a selection of iconic concrete housing blocks across Belgrade.
The two-sided, bilingual, guide, includes a map, an insightful introduction to Modernism built during the Tito era by Slavković, and photographs by Ivanić. Details for each building include the location, date, and the architects responsible.
The second half of the twentieth century saw the dramatic rise and fall of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and the intensive reconstruction and development of Belgrade. A need to house a swelling urban population mostly overwhelmed the desire for a new symbolic capital here, resulting in decent accommodation for citizens, but also remarkably original examples of Modernist architecture.
By the 1960s with stability and progress, a new generation of Yugoslav architects emerged who began to express individual creativity and to explore new borders of expression. Contemporary European styles and local approaches coalesced in the purity of material, shapes, forms and spaces of the Modernist style of Tito’s Yugoslavia.
Slavković said: ‘This map is an invitation to explore and recognise some of the most prominent achievements of Tito’s Yugoslavia and Modernist architecture in existence today. Although Belgrade is home to an unsurpassed density of original Modernist and Brutalist architecture and design, the lack of public support and maintenance means that many of these structures are now in danger. We want to draw the public’s attention to these achievements before it is too late.’
The  Modernist Belgrade Map  is designed to affirm the value of these buildings and to inspire further consideration of Modernist and Brutalist architecture today.
Priced at £8 / €9 / 1100 RSD, plus shipping, it is available to purchase through Blue Crow’s website,  bluecrowmedia.com/products/modernist-belgrade-map  and at independent bookshops. Two sided, bilingual, with a map on one side and an introduction to Modernist architecture in Belgrade, along with architectural details for each building and photos on the reverse, it opens to 420mm (16.5 inches) x 600mm (23.5 inches) and folds down to 210mm (8.25 inches) x 150mm (6 inches), and is protected by wide band.
This is Blue Crow Media’s eighth 20th century architecture guide, following  Brutalist London Map, Art Deco London Map, Constructivist Moscow Map, Brutalist Washington Map, Modern Berlin Map, Brutalist Paris Map  and  Brutalist Sydney Map . Brutalist Boston Map  and  Modernist Manchester Map  will also be available in Summer 2017.