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  Monday, 05/06/2017, 19 : 00
Deli Monday Burger House

We have been working hard for over three years now to achieve our goal and create one of the best burgers and the tastiest fries you have ever tried. WE have two locations in Nikole Spasića 3 and Mileševska 65. Our aim is to offer great service and an atmosphere where each guest will feel warm and welcome. We want to present a menu that is relatively new in the region and aim to incorporate the best domestic ingredients we can locally find. Our goal is to constantly reach higher levels of quality and service and the positive feedback we receive from our customers tells us that we’re going in that direction.

KC Grad is the perfect place to create a positive atmosphere which is why we invite you to join us at the already well known "Delikatesni Ponedeljak” on June 5th 2017 starting at 19h, where our dj will please you with his music while we will do the same with our delicious burgers and crispy fries. See you there!


  Monday, 05/06/2017, 20 : 00 - 17/06/2017
Sven Marquardt - Futures Past

This June AIR Artist in Residence programme continues as KC Grad will be hosting German photographer Sven Marquardt. Central event during the residency period will be an exhibition of Marquardt’s work titled Future’s Past, opening 5 June at 8 pm in the Big Gallery. Besides the exhibition Marquardt will be spending his time in Belgrade creating new work inspired by the city and its people.

But who is Sven Marquardt?

Everyone who has, or perhaps hasn’t entered the famous Berlin nightclub, Berghain know that Sven is awaiting at the end of the line, and deciding whether you will enter or not, but not everyone knows that the photograph of a mysterious older lady, glaring on the cover of a famous techno producer Len Faki’s album, is one of Marquardt’s masterpieces.
Everyone who has planned his way into Berghain knows, or thinks to know the right strategy for entrance, but probably doesn’t know that Marquardt is responsible for the visual identity of Berghain’s own music label Ost Gut Ton since 2007.

Marquardt rich career was much influenced by the socio-political situation before and after the fall of Berlin Wall. Born in 1962, he started in East Berlin in the early 80’s, as an assistant to photographer Rudolph Schafer, primarily in the field of fashion photography. As a freelance artist he was publishing his work since 1986 in various German publications such as Das Magazin, Der Sonntag and Neues Lieben. He was also exhibiting his work in various solo and group shows, with the communist government often censoring his work and even him due to his cultivation of a very distinct personal visual identity. As Katharina Hausel writes in her publication Bygone in the Future, Marquardt was banned from appearing in the East Berlin Mitte area, as his appearance was not in line with the image of a man that the government wanted to project. During that time he worked in a very famous German fashion magazine Sybille as the youngest of the photographs and was never meeting the editor in chief in person, although she was very pleased with his potent and symbolic images.

Future’s Past series reflects three decades of his professional career with grey scale photographs packed with symbolism, art history references, but in a very subtle way. His work invites the viewer for a closer look, for an analysis of the captured moment, of the complex decorum and choice of accessories and props in juxtaposition with the person in the image. Creating the strong contrast is even more emphasized by the choice of grey scale photography: images are shot in daylight, but depicting night time activities and atmosphere. The bouncer job gives Marquardt unlimited source of inspiration, but he prefers to meet his models prior to making the image. He seeks potential everywhere choosing the places and preparing them to look effortless, and provoking reactions on his models’ faces as with the lady on the cover of Len Faki’s release.
Merging the past into present and future is the common thread in this image series, which will be on display until 17 June.