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  Monday, 12/06/2017, 19 : 00
Deli Monday - Indonesian night

We are Indonesian Student Association in Serbia (KERIS) established in April 7 2013, Belgrade. The main purpose of our organization is to support all the Indonesian students studying in Serbia. We  provide information regarding the daily life in Serbia, share knowledge about local traditions, etc. Thereafter, our mission is to engage in many cultural activities in order to portray Indonesia.

We have the opportunity to host this Deli Monday with theme “Indonesian Night” at Cultural Centre Grad, starting from 19h. Since we know that food is important in defining a certain tradition, this feast event represents Indonesian culture and tradition to Serbian society. Moreover, as Rachel Ray says, “Food was always a conduit in our family for storytelling, and it was a way for us to keep in touch and remember things. We're people that use food to keep each other together and make all of our days better”. We hope that this event could strenghten bonds between people of Indonesia and Serbia,  because friendship is impossible if we do not get to know each other closely. All guests will taste the most common and authentic dishes from Indonesia, such as fried noodles, traditional snacks with various vegetables and also spices. The price of one portion will be 150 dinars.