DAILY PROGRAM :: 14/06/2017 Click here for full program
  Wednesday, 14/06/2017, 19 : 00
Decoding: tabloidasion of media and the society

Some of the crucial mechanisms of tabloid journalism are domination of visual over verbal content, sensationalism and pathetic emotions, speculations and guessing, twisted facts and anonymous sources, lack of objectiveness and trivialization. Being the most read and most commercial print form, tabloids have become the most dominant source of information, shaping the readers’ attitudes on political and social events. Is the analysis of tabloids a way for better understanding of Serbian society and audience nowadays?

In the new session of Decoding we talk with:
Nadežda Milenković
Slaviša Lekić
Tibor Jona
Vladimir Novaković

Moderator: Ana Martinoli

To what capacity do tabloids strengthen readers’ critical capacity to comprehend reality? Do tabloids represent a response to the needs of the market or a tool for political action? How do the tabloid communication strategies translate into public space? What are the main messages that today’s tabloids send to the audience? Who is responsible for the creation of tabloid power in Serbia and who is controlling it?