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  Saturday, 17/06/2017, 11 : 00
LePeTit Meow weekend

Adopt a cuddly companion on Meow Weekend!

Cat Club Le PETit and Cultural Center GRAD are organising a charity event dedicated to cats – Meow Weekend! On Saturday, June 17 come to GRAD to purr with us, to cuddle and meow!

Third Le PETit Meow Weekend

We believe that cats are teaching us tolerance, patience, understanding of individuality, respect for the freedom, acceptance of diversity, rejecting the prejudices ... all the things which people around us often fail to do! Let's take a cat for a pet and a friend, let’s hang out with cats and we will be better people - cat people!
Cat Club Le PETit will offer many kittens and cats for adoption. All cats are healthy, happy, well-behaved, well-socialized and are ready to share their joy with people, children and other pets.
Cat food company Farmina wil donate food and gifts for future owners. Public Veterinary Institution of Belgrade will donate vaccines and microchips.

Cat Club Le PETit promotes responsible animal ownership. Club was started back in 2012, and from 2013 is a full member of WCF - World Cat Federation. Le PETit organises Meow Weekends, Meow Forums, Meow Fest and other animal welfare and cat adopting events.

Cat Club Le PETit: www.lepetit.rs / lepetit.rs@gmail.com

  Saturday, 17/06/2017, 22 : 00
Samo Records (NYC) Label Night

An unique Samo Records label showcase in Belgrade with some of its best locals in the scene!

A New York label exploring the darker, moodier side of electronic music. Samo Records will take you anywhere from electro to EBM to cold-wave territory and all points in between.

Samo’s debut release comes from New York visual artist/musician Pixelife, who has released on labels such as Throne of Blood, Let’s Play House, and Horn Wax and is also one half of Ghost Cop. Remixes by Antoni Maiovvi (Giallo Disco Records) and by Tronik Youth, who helms the prolific Nein Records. Listen to the whole EP here:

Samo Records' second release comes from Australia's Tunnel Signs who has previously released on Cutters Records, Nein Records, Days of Being Wild, to name a few. The main track is a collaboration with Moderna (Ghostly, Lumiere Noir), EP includes remixes by Willie Burns (WT Records), Markus Gibb (RTTB) and label head Facets. Hear snippets:

Facets (Samo Records, glitterballnyc, NYC)

Ognjem (Beyond House)

Mr. Cash


Muzika u basti do 00h pa ujutra do kraja.

Tickets: free till 00h, after 300 rsd