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  Monday, 26/06/2017, 19 : 00
Deli Monday - Radio Aparat

The end of June is the time when you plan to have great looks and body for the beach, and Radio Aparat does not want you to spoil these plans. We are going to prepare for you something light and summer-like, so you can enjoy the early evening with great music that we have prepared for you from our radio.

Radio Aparat is an online radio station that since November of last year, has filled a huge void that was felt in the radio space. Every day we strive to talk about culture, art and society in a unique way, via our link at radioaparat.com. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s serious. We invite you on June 26th, starting 7 pm to ''Delikatesni ponedeljak'' in KC Grad on a journey with us. Have a light bite to eat and check out the latest music we have prepared for you.  See you!!