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  Saturday, 01/07/2017, 21 : 00
Live in Belgrade - Lula Pena & Hayden Chisholm / BBDC

22:00 - ”Live in Belgrade”
Lula Pena (Portugal) & Hayden Chisholm (New Zealand)

Fado as You've never heard before!

Lula Pena is reknowned Fado and World music singer, composer and poet from Lisbon, Portugal. Eventhough Lula published only two records, with her profound voice, versitle guitar playing style and courageous approach to Fado music and unique atmospheric melody lines, she grown large number of fans thorough out the globe.

This year she has publish a new album ”Archivo Pittoresco” and started a tour in Wester European countries. On DORTJOL FESTIVAL, together with Hayden Chisholm, Lula will present her new music for the first time for the audience of this region.

23:30 "Dortjol Session"
Belgrade-Berlin Dub Conncetion

Taking out the festival in style, musicians from Berlin, Cologne, and Belgrade will team up on the feverish stage of KC Grad to provide some luscious grooves ranging from afrobeat, reggae, and everything in between. This will be the final soundtrack made by all these musicians after days of jamming together on the crossroads of cultures and civilizations

Ticket price on door: 800 dinars
Pre-sale price: 450 dinars
Pre-sale tickets available in Supermarket Concept Store (Uzun Mirkova 8) in period from June 18th to 28th.