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  Monday, 04/09/2017, 19 : 00
Deli Monday - BITEF

The food of gods – Delicious Monday and Bitef Dionysia

Founded at the initiative of Mira Trailović and Jovan Ćirilov, BITEF (Belgrade International Theatre Festival) has been following and supporting the latest theatre trends since its inception in 1967. Constantly growing and developing, it has become one of the biggest and most relevant festivals in Europe. For over a century now, Bitef has overcome all the political and cultural barriers, keeping pace with the turbulent evolution of theatre art.

This year, Bitef takes place from 22nd to 30th September, under the slogan Epic Trip which is represented in the visual made by Milutin Milošević from New Moment New Ideas Company Belgrade. In the course of the nine festival days, Belgrade will become the capital of international theatre, and the seven performances in its main programme come from Belgium, Great Britain, Slovenia, Iran, Germany, Switzerland, and Serbia. The thematic focus is expressed by the productions based on our civilization’s epic topics, while the aesthetic emphasis lies on durational performances.

One of the main events at 51st Bitef, and definitely its greatest curiosity, is the international theatre spectacle “Olympus – to Glorify the Cult of Tragedy – 24h Performance”, directed by the renowned director Jan Fabre. After Berlin, Antwerp, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Athens, and Paris, Belgrade is the next big stop – exclusive in the region – to host, prepare and present this unique and demanding theatre spectacle. According to the audience and the critic at the leading theatre festivals worldwide, this performance has changed the history of contemporary theatre. Theatre world is unanimous that this spectacle by Jan Fabre will represent a turning point in theatre history.

The performance in which 27 performers are almost constantly on stage for 24h – goes beyond all the limits of human psychophysical endurance. At its opening at Berlin international festival, the performance received half an hour’s applause. Compared to its duration, that might seem as nothing special, but it definitely is an impressive and authentic gesture of an undisputed glorification of this first-rate theatre event.

In line with this performance, but also in line with the topic of the return to the epics and the narratives, Bitef team will cook Greek specialties for its audience, in order to help them get prepared and gather strength for everything that awaits in September. Miloš Latinović, Bitef director, is making the main dish, Anđelka Janković, the marketing director, will make olive bread and traditional Greek sweets, while Jelena Knežević, the executive director and Slavica Hinić with Bitef team will be in charge of salads and serving.


• Specofai – picante meat dish infused with aromatic Mediterranean spices
• Bitef olive bread – with Greek olives and olive oil
• Bitef (Greek) salad – with traditional Greek spices, as healthy as the food of gods
• Loukumades – traditional Greek dessert with Olympus honey
• Grapes

While enjoying the food and drink of gods, use the opportunity to get informed about everything that happens at 51st Bitef, the performances, the programmes, but also to hang out with Bitef artistic and production team in the beautiful atmosphere at KC GRAD.

See you at 51st Bitef delicious epic trip!

  Monday, 04/09/2017, 20 : 00 - 10/09/2017
Belgrade of Light

"If the world is what it is, where does the illusion of appearances come from?" - J. Baudrillard

They act as reflections, simultaneously infusing and mirroring each other. In our quest for truth, more often than not we try to take them apart, but the essence evades us. One without the other will simply not persist. In a universe where most of the matter and energy are still mystical and imperceptible – in intertwining, poetical, symbolic, religious, philosophical, cultural, artistic, exact, physical, optical, digital and virtual terms – we interpret LIGHT in countless ways so as to comprehend the illusory nature or reality kept under wraps behind our world’s appearances.

Exhibition of works by two prominent artists, Vollrad Kutcher and Predrag Caranović, entitled “ILLUSIONS”, will usher in this year’s week dedicated to the culture of light as part of 2017 Belgrade of Light festival. German artist Vollrad Kutcher, easily recognisable by an out-of-the-ordinary artistic sensibility and works in which a repeating subject is a mutual relation between images and imagination, will introduce himself with “Shining Role Models”. Serbian artist Predrag Caranović, a master of illusion, light and darkness, will show his “Still Life” sculpture, specially conceived for this exhibition.

From a creative, as well as educational and scientific angle, the “SHIMMERING” programme, designed for children and young people, will delve this year in particular into experiments with visual effects and projections and exploration of the phenomenon of persistency of sight and optical illusions.

In view of the upcoming UNESCO proclamation of the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF LIGHT, Belgrade of Light festival will focus in particular on establishing organisational core of the National Committee of Serbia for celebration of the International Day of Light.

Since its inception in 2008, BELGRADE OF LIGHT has been a unique event dedicated to development and promotion of the culture of light. By organising exhibitions and artistic interventions in urban spaces, educational workshops, expert presentations and programmes intended for both professionals and children/young people, BELGRADE OF LIGHT is developing authentic creative and experimental practices, fostering in the process the establishment of a platform for open debates on the subject of lighting, as well as light and artistic expression. The principal goal of BELGRADE OF LIGHT is development of a multidisciplinary platform in Belgrade and Serbia for promotion of the culture of light, encouraging discussion, international cooperation, integration and interdisciplinary exchange of experiences and knowledge in the domains of scientific research, contemporary visual art, architecture and design.


9/4 at 20.00, GRAD Cultural Centre Big Gallery
Exhibition is open until 9/10

9/6 at 17.00, GRAD Cultural Centre Big Gallery

9/10 at 15.00, GRAD Cultural Centre

Belgrade Light 2017 is supported by the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Culture and Information, the   City of Belgrade Secretariat for Culture, the Cultural Front Belgrade, Forum Ljubljana, the Association of Conference Interpreters of Serbia.

  Monday, 04/09/2017, 20 : 00 - 10/09/2017
Belgrade of Light 2017 - ILLUSIONS

With their sensibility, expression, form and aesthetics, in their capacity as creators, witnesses, connoisseurs, supervisors and interpreters of changes and developments in contemporary art since mid-20th century, as part of the “Illusions” exhibition and in their own distinctive ways, artists Vollrad Kutcher and Predrag Caranović are taking us back to revisit the subject matter and issues of genres in art.

A traditional genre in art, the portrait, is an ideal medium for Vollrad Kutcher to explore the themes of identity and human individuality, which he then develops in novel, surprising and temporal forms of expression. His light portraits – “Shinning Role Models” – are using an ancient technique of anamorphosis, playing with perspective and distortion, whilst light, as a sculptor’s material, assumes the role of so-called illusive images of thoughts which appear in the material world solely as reflections. The artist has presented a series of portraits of individuals whose landmark scientific achievements were a turning point for the history of electricity and development of artificial sources of light. This portrait gallery serves as an extraordinary monument to light and is dedicated to historical characters whose work represents an exceptional contribution to modern science and technology.

On the other hand, committed to either exploration, creation or adoption of both the objects of high aesthetic value and those everyday objects which, in his interpretation – through deliberate relocations, selections, layouts and combinations – assembled together, assume a novel or different background for recollection or reading of the history and semantics in question, Predrag Caranović takes advantage of the opportunity to present, under the title and genre of “Still Life”, perhaps for the last time, an object which marked the 20th century. Reminiscence of this period, which made the night shorter and the day longer, ushered in the third shift in people’s lives, and thus, fundamentally, affected one of the most important myths of alternating-night-and-day pattern. This is probably the last chance for such an action since ‘classic’ incandescent light bulbs are on a one-way journey to be consigned to history. This is why the artist has added a subtitle – “From Edison to Recycling”, as a landmark of sorts between the myth of light (20th century) and the myth of recycling (21st century).

VOLLRAD KUTSCHER (1945-) German artist, mediator between tradition and innovation. He’s realized a hefty number of installations, performances and permanent lighting installations in the public space. He’s finished his studies in the beginning of the 70’s at the High School of Arts in Mainz, and then worked as a freelance artist for several years. Since the 80’s he’s worked as an educator at different schools and academies in his homeland, while also being active as a curator. His works can be found in many important collections of modern art. He lives and works in Frankfurt.

PREDRAG CARANOVIĆ (1955-) Serbian artist, graduated from the Art History Department, Faculty of Philosophy of the University in Belgrade, in 1980. Educated himself through sculpture workshops of Lale Subotički and Momo Krković. Member of ULUS since 1980 and recipient of several awards. Worked as a senior curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. His artworks were shown at many exhibitions in the country and internationally. His works are on display at several museums in the country and abroad, and in private collections. Lives and works in Belgrade.