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  Sunday, 10/09/2017, 15 : 00
Belgrade of Light 2017 - SHIMMERING


Treading on the heels of “ILLUSIONS”, discovering and creating imaginary worlds, painting with light corridors of darkness, dancing with shadows to the music of colours, we shall transform a real space into a realm of magic, unexpected stories and plot twists, by revealing and unlocking the mysteries hidden on the other side of what is visible.

From a creative, as well as educational and scientific angle, the “Shimmering” programme, designed for children and young people, will delve this year in particular into experiments with visual effects and projections and exploration of the phenomenon of persistency of sight and optical illusions.

The workshop will be split into two groups. A part of the programme is intended for children of preschool age and younger primary school pupils. In addition, there will be a parallel programme unfolding intended for older primary school pupils interested in embarking together on this exciting adventure.

The number of available places is limited, so please sign up now!

Please send your application with personal data (name, surname and age) to the following e-mail address: workshop@belgrdadeoflight.com