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  Saturday, 04/11/2017, 20 : 00
Daniel Erdmann’s Velvet Revolution

The famous German tenor saxophonist Daniel Erdmann founded his new trio in 2015 with the promising young violinist Théo Ceccaldi, who recently performed with the "Victoire du Jazz 2017" (French ECHO) in the "Artiste qui monte" and Jim Hart, one of the most sought-after European jazz musicians, on vibraphone. The first CD "Velvet Revolution" was released on BMC Records at the end of 2016. Daniel Erdmann was awarded for this Production with the Echo Jazz and other Prizes.

"He wanted to keep the tonic burden of the jazz history in the limbo, said the German tenor saxophonist and composer Daniel Erdmann, who is living in the French Reims and in Berlin, once about one of his earlier programs. Now, the musician, born in Wolfsburg in 1973, presents a trio with which he succeeds in combining the airy and the earthy in a very particularly touching way "(from the CD critique by BR Klassik, October 2016)

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