DAILY PROGRAM :: 15/12/2017 Click here for full program
  Friday, 15/12/2017, 22 : 00 - 16/12/2017
GistroPop comes back home

It's just like in Yo La Tengo song lyrics „Julie Christie, rumors are true“. Even rumors that Yo La Tengo will come to Serbia for the first time, are true. That's why Julie Christie is in the cover of this GistroPop party.
In Friday, December 15th from 10pm, GistroPop is back in KC Grad. We'll be listening to some of the best songs from 2017, but also some biggest GistroPop hits. By the way, Turkish tea is still the best in KC Grad. Get ready your december dancing shoes and come to Gistro Pop to make memories together.
Free entrance.
start at 10pm, musicman Skocha